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Black Rhino

Black Rhino ExteriorBlack Rhino Game Lodge is a hidden treasure set amongst the trees of an old Tamboti forest at the foot of an ancient volcanic crater that today comprises one of South Africa’s most exciting Big 5 eco-tourism destinations, the greater Pilanesberg National Park. It is from here, accompanied by your personal game ranger, that you will be able explore a 58 000ha malaria free wildlife wonderland and discover the magic of the African bush.

Located in the west side of the ‘Malaria Free’ Pilanesberg National Park, and only 33km from Sun City - Black Rhino Game Lodge is the ideal location for a luxurious bushveld breakaway.

The Lodge is built between a Tamboti forest, overlooking a busy waterhole, which is a hive of bird and animal activity, and a playground for the elephant. On many occasions, the stillness of the night is broken by the roaring of lions, and the franklins sing the morning wake up call. Once, you are awakened with a hot cup of coffee, your host ranger will take you out on an exceptional game drive, taking you through Black Rhino Reserve, into the unexplored valley of the Pilanesberg, until we reach the 200km network Pilanesberg Park roads.



pilansberg_picPilanesberg’s natural eco-system exists in a transition zone of the dry Kalahari and the wetter Lowveld. Therefore, unlike any other national game park, the Pilanesberg hosts a combination of animal, bird, insect, reptilian and vegetation species. Species such as the Brown Hyena, Springbok, Red Eyed Bulbul and Camel Thorn tree, normally found in dry areas, co-habitat with Impala, Black Eyed Bulbul and the Cape Chestnut trees, normally found in wetter areas. A major advantage of the Pilanesberg is that it is ‘Malaria Free’, which is not the case with other game parks further north. Sun City, best know for hosting the Million Dollar Golf Challenge and other spectacular events, lies on the boarder of the Pilanesberg and is only a 33km drive from Black Rhino Game Reserve

The small but busy airfield, flies in clients from the major airports. The main entrance is Manyane Gate, which is a comfortable hour and a half’s drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Black Rhino Reserve

black rhinoBlack Rhino Private Game Reserve is incorporated in the western side of the ‘Malaria Free’ Pilanesberg National Park. The landscape is an alluring combination of rolling hills, tumbled mountains, valleys, grassland plains and tamboti forests. A ‘Traversing Agreement’ between Pilanesberg National Park & Black Rhino Private Game Reserve, allows us the priviledge of an hours scenic drive through an unexplored valley before reaching the 200km road network of the Pilanesberg National Park. Game sightings include a variety of predators such as lion, leopard and cheetah. Herds of elephant and buffalo are often seen at close range. Antelope such as sable, kudu and eland roam the bush freely and are not shy. The Game and Bird viewing opportunities are truly Incredible.


what to expect

  • A warm and friendly welcome
  • Luxury & private accommodation
  • Exceptionally delicious food.
  • Exciting game drives
  • Educational game walks
  • Excellent bird watching

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